Our Company

Our journey with bees was started in 2000 when we acquired our first apiaries. We combined our love and passion for nature with the products that bees tirelessly produce. We created BEE CHOICE in 2012 to make it known to the world the Greek varieties of honey.

The honey is collected from different areas in Greece since we get it from apiaries all over the Grek countryside, in the same places where our ancestors used to collecthoney and herbs to strengthen their body, soul and spirit. Creator and ally in our effortis nature and she decide what it will give us. With the help of the bee we collect known varieties of honey such as thyme, pine and flowers, fir and wildflowers, orange blossoms, but also heather, arbutus and oak tree.

The honey is collected in the traditional way and after being checked, itis packaged in a certified packaging plant and then it is distributed to the market.

Besides honey the purest natural source of energy, propolis is also collected, the most miraculous antiseptic produced by nature, royal jelly or otherwise ”elixir of youth” and pollen, the richest source of proteins.

After a lot of research and extensive experimentation, we managed to launch high quality products for human nutrition and strengthening of the organism, as well as beeswax creams for well-being and beauty. Our creams, made with beeswax, vegetable and essential oils, are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. They are beneficial to your skin and the results are instant and long-lasting.All creams are handmade, produced in our laboratory.

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34 Marinou Antipa 14121 N. Heraklio Attica Greece