Bee apisIn many different cultures, the bee is the sacred and tireless creature that has always cared about mankind. " If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live”, Albert Einstein once said, stressing the importance of these amazing flying insects in preserving balance in our ecosystems.


Enchanted by the wonderful world of the bee, we combined our love and passion for nature with the products that bees tirelessly produce (honey , pollen , propolis or bee glue, beeswax). We started our family business by harvesting different varieties of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly and went on with cosmetic and beeswax creams.


After a lot of research and extensive experimentation, we managed to launch high quality products for human nutrition and strengthening of the organism, as well as beeswax creams for well-being and beauty. All creams are handmade produced in our certified laboratory and notified in the Cosmetics Notification Portal of the European Union Products (CPNP).


beehivesOur honeybees fly freely in the Greek mountains and organic fields, in the same places where our ancestors used to collect nectar, honey, pollen and herbs to strengthen their body, soul and spirit. Besides, the soil has always been extremely rich and produced everything that man needed to survive. Hippocrates used to say that "Nature itself is the best physician” and turned to Mother-Earth not only to prevent a disease, but also for treatment. Above all, he strongly believed that “Prevention is the best cure”, stressing the importance of boosting our immune system with herbs, as well as treating our body with essential oils and plant extracts.


Giving Mother Nature the respect she deserves, we decided, from the beginning, that our products should remain pure, free from chemical preservatives and synthetic additives. Besides, there are no chemicals that could be compared to propolis, the most powerful antiseptic nature can produce, honey, the purest natural source of energy, royal jelly -or "elixir of youth"- and pollen, the richest sources of proteins, free amino acids and vitamins.


015Consequently, we are very proud of our high-quality products and, day by day, we watch them become more popular. We pay attention to our customers’ comments and suggestions in order to meet your needs and satisfy each one of you separately.

Our aim is to become better, always following in the footsteps of Mother Nature...