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The bees collect the honeydew from the fir trees and produce thick honey with a distinctive color depending on the area of origin. Another unique feature is that because of its low glucose content it never crystallizes, even after years. Fir honey is not a sweet honey because it has low natural sugars.
Its smell is not intense and its flavor neutral. It is rich in trace minerals as it contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It contains vitamins in small quantities, but even this small amount helps in the better assimilation of sugars by the human organism. It improves endurance, reduces muscle fatigue and increases our exercise performance due to the direct intake of carbohydrates it provides.
It helps fight inflammation , infections and has antibacterial activity thanks to its antioxidants. It helps fight respiratory infections and asthma. It fights free radicals and in relation to many fruits it seems to have a similar amount of antioxidants. It helps the intestinal motility and cleanse the toxins, while the choline contained fights constipation. It nourishes the nervous system and the brain, stimulates brain circulation and boosts memory function.

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