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Enriched with omega -3 and omega -6, mneme looks after the dry skin by nourishing and moisturizing it deeply. It rejuvenates and restores the skin by preserving its natural humidity. It keeps the skin flexible and at the same time it tightens it. It protects the body from sunburns and wounds. It releives and revitalizes the skin after sun exposure. It protects the skin from dust and pollutants. It offers freshness and a soft jasmine scent.


Macadamia, calendula flowers, beeswax, honey, evening primrose, rosehip, aloe vera juice, shea butter, propolis, vitamin E, lemongrass, everlasting, jasmine, frankincense, niaouli, chamomile, lavender


Use little quantity of cream (because it is concentrated) and srpead it until it is absorbed. It is recommended for every day use.


In dark jar for more protection from the sun light.

All the creams are made from naturbal ingredients.

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30ml, 50ml