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Pollen from various flowers is gathered and processed by the bees. The fresh pollen is preferably stored in the freezer and retains 100% of its nutrients for a long period of time (1 year). The combination of pollen, with the mother’s propolis tincture, is the greatest antibiotic ”dynamite” of nature against viruses, bacteria and parasites. Most importantly, as shown by studies, is that pollen contains a balanced combination in quantity, not exclusively of various vitamins, but of vitamins, metallic elements and enzymes, which acts synergistically. Pollen has no toxic effects, even if the dosage is too high and for a long time, unlike any pharmaceutical formulation.
Pollen works with all of the bee products and possibly other phytotherapeutic formulations or herbals. Pollen acts on the genetic glands of man and woman and it is very active in prostate problems and is recommended as a treatment against dysmenorrhea. Pollen significantly mitigates the problems of menopause, and improves the general sexual status. Pollen helps mental fuction, strengthens the heart and has diuretic action. Pollen regulates appetite and sugar levels in blood and is particularly recommended for the weakness and general weakening of the body, for weight control, for the treatment against intestinal and digestive disorders, treatment and shielding against viruses and other infections. Pollen improves the status of people who have mild allergic reactions. Pollen positively affects the quality of hair growth hair color, improves the rate of wound healing and accelerates recovery from illnesses. Promotes the good physical condition of the body and the spirit. Pollen has a very positive effect on the person’s mood. It offers wellness euphoria, improves mental abilities and at the same time fights anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. It also protects people against strokes and heart disease. It has a positive effect on rheumatism and arthritis on skin problems, vision problems, intestinal disorders and lives problems. It has beneficial effects even on Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. It is a well-known treatment for mentally handicapped and weak children! What else could be expected from the humble pollen? All of the above following laboratory research which is continuing. Also always consult your doctor before taking any such product.
The dose for a adult is 20-35 gr / day (one tablespoon) while for children aged 6-16 the normal dose is about 15-20 gr / day.

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