Forest Honey

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Fights inflammation, helps digestion and proper development of children. It gives energy and endurance. It regulates intestinal function and enhances lives function. Honey sugars are simple, absorbed instantly, so honey is a quick source of energy for the often worn out organism. Honey has minerals known as trace minerals, which play a major role in metabolism and nutrition. Honey has antiseptic properties, it is tonic, it increases the heart rate.
It reduces ulcer problems in the stomach and generally contributes to the good functioning of the human body. Honey consumption helps in quicker recovery of health issues in cases of anemia due to the iron it contains. Honey helps significantly in the faster metabolism of alcohol and as a result it is expelled faster from the human body. Honey has a high content of choline that helps particularly people who suffer from constipation due to sedentary work. Honey has antimicrobial activity and prevents the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.

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