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Natural properties
Wax is the product that is secreted into scales by the gingival glands that the bee has in its chest. The pure wax, it is produced directly by the bee and it is light yellow. It is becoming more and more dark as it incorporates pollen, propolis and other remains from the beehive. The boiling point of the wax is about 65o C. Plasticity depends on its purity and the variety of the bee that produced it. The full chemical composition of the wax is still unknown. However, many known substances have been identified, such as various kinds of esters, hydrocarbons, acids, alcohols.
Use of wax
The wax was used for chronic mastitis, eczema, burn and wound healing, dermatitis, bursitis, skin pimples. The wax can also be used to transfer and gradually release essential oils and propolis to the body. It has been found that the wax used by bees to cover mature honey has antibiotic substances that make it able to preserve honey. The wax is used to produce drugs in the form of a slow absorption capsule. It is also used in the cosmetics industry, improving their properties and stability.It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, softening, healing properties and helps the skin to obtain a soft and elastic structure.
More specifically
It is used in the treatment of arthritis, otitis, inflammation of the nasal area, dermatopathies and bronchial asthma. It also appears to have strong antimicrobial properties against certain bacteria, such as salmonella. In cosmetology, it is used in face creams, ointments and lip balm, as it helps in taking care of the sun-damaged, dirty and dusty facial skin. It also protects skin from premature aging. It is used as a patch for rheumatic diseases and neuralgia and as anti-inflammatory.

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