How to shop online

Choose the products you want and click on ”Add to basket”. You can check the chosen products by clicking on ”View my basket”. Here you can see a detailed report of your basket and increase or decrease the quantity of the products. In the last step, click on ”Payment Information” where you will be asked to fill out the required fields.

Delivery Information:

delivery of products is made by a courier company of our choice.

Choose how to pay

1) Cash on delivery: Payment is handed over at the time of delivery of goods, (only for Greece).

2) Via Online Banking (please send us an email for further information)

3) PayPal: You will be transferred to the PayPal web page where you can pay for the products after you have created a PayPal account. After you have chosen a payment method, click on ”Payment Confirmation” to redeem your order.

If you find it difficult to follow the instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.